The Silver brand belongs to the Çığır Kimya company founded in Turkey in 1992, which develops and produces footwear and skin care products.
Over the past 25 years, the company has developed its production capabilities, being present in more than 65 countries and is among the top 500 export companies in Turkey.
The brand is recognized for the quality of its products and processes, being the owner of many invention patents and its own technologies. The company has an innovative vision in all its business lines, being committed to developing projects to fulfill its social and environmental responsibilities, globally.
The company is committed to continuous development in all sectors in which it operates and to strengthen its leadership position in the footwear and leather care and maintenance industry.
Adresa : Str. Dacia nr 1A, Rudeni, Ilfov
Telefon : 031.432.77.86
Fax : : 031.432.77.87
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